Surgical Services

Equipped to handle both routine and more complex surgical procedures, Texas Veterinary Hospitals offers safe and comfortable pet surgery.

Exceptional skill, dedication, and solid pre- and post-operative protocols ensure a positive outcome for our patients. Our experienced staff veterinarians perform almost any surgical procedure your pet might need, including: spays, neuters, tumor removals and enucleations, to more complex surgeries including into the abdomen (for example: bladder surgery, Cesarean sections, stomach/intestinal surgery) and certain orthopedic surgeries (torn ACL stabilization, limb or toe amputation, dewclaw removals).

While under anesthesia, your pet is kept warm and your pet’s vital signs are monitored continually. Trained veterinary technicians carefully monitor your pet and use electronic equipment to measure blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and body temperature.

We provide complete pain management to make your pet as comfortable as possible before, during, and after the surgery. After your pet goes home, we will call you to check on his or her progress and to make sure everything is going well.